Jessica Berg
Bringing worlds alive with words.

About Jessica Berg
I've been writing stories in my head ever since I can remember.  In fact, I still remember the story I wrote for 8th grade creative writing.  I think if I dug in my tote of memories in the storage closet, I could bring it again to light. 

I am the lucky mother of two very busy boys and a sassy three-year old girl.  These little people are my life ... a crazy, wacky, out-of-this-world life.  The man who shares this life with me is my husband who puts up with crazy children and me, his crazy wife!  
I consider myself very fortunate that I get to write my imagination.  I mainly get my inspiration from the world around me.  As a native South Dakotan, my love of the land and the beautiful prairie surrounding me often shapes my writing.  My characters are drawn from reality.  You can find my family members and occasionally a little bit of myself shining through in small antics or quirks.  

My belief in the one almighty God transcends my life and can't help but ring out in my writing.  My characters are flawed, crazy, and REAL, but they always rely on Christ to get them out of the fixes they put themselves in.  

It is my hope and dream that you experience enjoyment in my writing and find yourself laughing at or along with my characters.  If I have achieved that, I will count myself very blessed.

I would love to hear from you whether you have a question or comment!
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