Jessica Berg
Bringing worlds alive with words.

In an attempt to conquer her painful past and gain peace over the brutal murder of her father, Grace McIntyre along with her sister, Phoebe Wallace, begins a journey that will transcend her deepest desires and bring her to the brink of despair. With the purchase of an old Victorian farmhouse in the middle of the Kansas prairie, Grace wishes to bring closure to a horrible event which had taken place there twenty-six years before. So, in the hopes of renovating her life, Grace enlists the talents of a local carpenter, Dominick Carson, to restore the old Victorian house to its former glory and start her own bed and breakfast. Soon, Grace finds herself fighting her ever-growing and unwanted attraction to the man she hired just to do a job. Little does she know, however, that her un-welcomed romance is the least of her problems: an ominous part of her past begins to stalk her and will eventually take her to the edge of disaster. Will her faith in God and the love of a good man be enough to sustain her and bring her out alive and unscathed?
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In the Works:
Amber Waves of Grace
Corrie Lancaster thinks she has the farming life figured out until fire and revenge begin to destroy her livelihood one flame at a time.

When Corrie Lancaster takes over the family farm, she expects machine breakdowns and crippling wheat prices. It is the unexpected that takes her by surprise and sends her into a whirlwind of love, revenge, and fire.  

With her father imprisoned in his own mind by a traumatic brain injury, Corrie shoulders the responsibility of the family farm she’d left seven years earlier. After a trusted hired man quits on her, Corrie is left with her two teenage siblings to manage and work the farm. When the older brother of her ex-high school flame steps in to help, Corrie finds herself torn between old memories she would rather forget and a glimpse of a future she is not sure she can have.

Just when Corrie thinks she has the farming thing down to an art, a pregnant woman walks into her life, bringing a sordid past and destruction in her wake. When the fires of revenge come to Corrie’s farm, she will do anything to protect the people and the land she loves.