The Sequel to Amber Waves of Grace!


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Grace Through Fire

When a wildlife photo shoot in Custer State Park morphs into a fight to save her life, Nikki Lancaster knows she has crossed the line between adventure and insanity. Especially when the first law enforcement officer on the scene is none other than DCI Agent Xavier Palinski, Nikki’s high school sweetheart and ex-fiancé.


Her plan to avoid him evaporates upon discovering a dead body in the same spot a strange tourist had been days before. A man she had photographed. After search teams find the bodies of three other women, Nikki knows she hasn’t just photographed a crazy tourist; she has captured a serial killer on film.


Not long after Xavier takes over the case, Nikki’s sister, Corrie, drags her back to the Lancaster farm for her safety. Unbeknownst to them, the farm and the close-knit community of Sandy cannot protect Nikki from murder and mayhem. The killer strikes again, sucking Nikki, Xavier, and the people she loves the most into darkness where fear clouds judgement and no one knows who to trust.


In the midst of danger, family turmoil, and the unknown, Nikki finds hope and strength in Xavier and leans on him for support, and just when she thinks there could be a second chance for them, evil strikes again, and this time, Nikki must conquer her fear to survive.