• Jessica Berg

Confessions of a Stay-at-Home Mom

I am not a perfect mom, and I often look on in jealousy as “perfect” moms herd their “perfect” children with precision-like efficiency.  Does she ever yell?  Ever?  Does this woman always look as if she walked out of a Vogue cover shoot?  When night descends, does this woman ever smell the t-shirt she wore all day and decide it’s clean enough to wear the next day?  Stupid question, of course.  She’d never be caught dead wearing a t-shirt!

Before resigning from my teaching position, I never knew being a full-time mommy would be so darn difficult.  The following confessions are just a snapshot of the crazy world that often sucks me in and takes me for a spin.

1.)    That cool time out bottle making its way virally around Facebook … yeah, that doesn’t work for my kids.  Drat!

2.)    I want my own time out bottle that lasts for two hours … and a secret room to escape to.

3.)    I wish macaroni and cheese had some nutritional value so I don’t feel guilty about serving it about twice a week.

4.)    I’m starting to hate jeans and t-shirts.

5.)    My husband just might come home one day to find me wearing a fancy dress and heals … just because.

6.)    Going to the grocery store (by myself) is a special treat.

7.)    Cleaning the house from top to bottom in the morning and then having to do it all over again the next day because three men (1 tall, 2 short) live in my house.

8.)    If I have to color one more picture, I’ll find a very convenient place to start sticking crayons!

9.)    I wish they sold “I don’t care”, “doesn’t matter to me”, or “make whatever you’re hungry for” at the grocery store; meal planning would go so much smoother.

10.) Putting mascara and lip gloss on makes me feel like I’m ready for a night on the town … too bad I’m just going to WalMart!

For all the crazy in my house though there is plenty of love to transcend it all.  Never having to say goodbye to my baby girl is one of those small miracles of being a stay-at-home mommy.  And even though Gabriel, the 3-year-old, manages to pee on his pants nearly every time he uses the potty, his quirky little personality makes up for the extra laundry he creates.  And when Caiden, my first born, allows me to hold him even though he is five and in kindergarten and he’d never tell his friends, my heart feels as if it will overflow.

So here’s my biggest confession of all:  I love my job!

I love to hear other mom’s stories.  If you’re that perfect mom, how do you do it?  If you’re like me, just trying to cling to the coattails of perfection, what are your confessions?

Men, I don’t mean to exclude you … I bet you could tell a tale or two.  Do share!

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