• Jessica Berg

Manu”ship” Island: Authors Beware

“No man is an island.” Well, John Donne was right, however, as an author I often feel as if I’ve been shipwrecked on some deserted island in the middle of a stormy night with nothing but monkeys to keep me company. Whether or not I start talking to those monkeys is another question on which I plead the fifth. For years I’ve struggled to survive, crouching in my tree fort in the middle of a coconut tree forest, scared of the dark, unknown places on an island with seemingly no communication to the outside world.

But these communication lines did exist. Earlier this summer I met with another indie author who showed me the bridge spanning my solitary island with a whole passel of other islands. My world opened up, the dark unknown didn’t seem so scary anymore, and I learned a valuable lesson: people are not only willing to help, they WANT to help. I began connecting with people and groups I’ve never met through the beauty of facebook and twitter (yes, I now know how to tweet with the best of them). When I was ready to burst into tears and throw my laptop out of my coconut tree fort because I couldn’t get my Word document to properly convert to a PDF, a very helpful soul gave me some advice and BAM! My problems were solved. If this would have been even months ago, I’d still be in my tree fort throwing old coconut shells at naughty little monkeys.

So, if you are a brand new author either sailing in the Indie Sea or traversing the Traditional Rapids, please know that you are not alone. Connect with authors by joining facebook groups, follow indie authors, publishers, and agents on twitter, and find another local author with whom you can share ideas and discuss your work. Their input, advice, and presence will be a like lighthouses lighting your path as you traverse the rocky and solitary world of writing.

No monkeys were actually harmed in the writing of this blog.

© 2017 by Jessica Berg