• Jessica Berg

Mr. Darcy, move over! A new leading man, Bo Corrigan, is taking your place!

I’m not a fan girl of many people or things. Exceptions: anything chocolatey and Kristen Heitzmann. Well, ladies and gentlemen, this fan girl is here to tell you that Kristen has done it again. Hit a home run smack dab into the hearts of her readers, new and veteran. She has written a book that is so raw you’ll weep and so entertaining you’ll laugh.

Told You Twice, the sequel to I Told You So, is not your cookie-cutter Christian romance. This story has grit, pain, and a redemption story that illustrates the true power of Christ to change lives and hearts.

Bo Corrigan, the bad boy hottie from book one is center stage in this novel. The stage, rabid fans, and women are his life, his prison, until he sets eyes on Alexis “Exi” Murphy. Living amongst smoke and mirrors his entire life, he finally sees a reality. A reality he wants, despite Exi’s perfect fiancé and perfect plans for a perfect Grace Evangeline inspired wedding. And Bo always gets what he wants. Until outside forces put not only himself but Exi in life-threatening danger. In protecting her, he makes choices that bring him face to face with the man he is, the man he was, and the man he wants to be. But your job, as the next reader of Told You Twice, is to discover if Bo succeeds in changing is life, in defeating his demons, and in capturing the heart of the only woman who ever made him feel real.

Be prepared to cry, laugh, and occasionally scold/scream at the characters as you fall in love with them page after page. Oh, and don’t blame me if you dream of Bo; it’s just an added bonus to an amazing read!

Here’s the link so you can get your immediate Bo Corrigan fix:


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