• Jessica Berg

Query Writing Hell

Ever wondered what Hell is for writers?  It’s not the hours and pain-staking wordsmithing.  It’s not even the dreaded writer’s block.  The epitome of hell is the query letter.

Seemingly innocent, this letter is anything but.  At 250 words it is the hardest thing an author will ever write.  It’s easier pumping out a 80,000 word manuscript than trying to pare down your ideas, characters, and intricacies of plot into a one page letter that will knock some editor’s socks off.  Keep in mind, in a query letter, the writer can’t be too specific, but specific enough to entice the editor.  Also, you need to be original but stay inside the “query letter box” that the publishing industry has created.  I’m sure the writing gods created the query letter just to prove they have a sense of humor.

This journey to Hell is one I am wading through as I write this blog.  I am currently in my 18th edition of my query letter, and finally said, “The h*ll with it, I’m sending it out!”  If eighteen revisions aren’t good enough, then maybe I better hang up my writing hat for good.

Hopefully, some editor will fall in love with my query!  Here’s hoping that my self-published book, A Place to Call Home, will soon be represented by a publishing company. I’ll keep you all posted as the responses start rolling in.  All I ask of you, dear readers, is to pray!

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