• Jessica Berg

Sister and Flowers

Sisters … different flowers from the same garden.  This is one of my favorite sayings about sisters, and it couldn’t be truer.  Some are sturdy, outweighing the petite.  Others are tall, towering over the short ones.  Some are frilly compared to the more practical ones.  Some are hardy while others are delicate, succumbing to the slightest breezes.  There are those that are useful and those that simply like to show off.  But, no garden would be beautiful or worthy of appreciating if the same flower monopolized the entire plot.  What makes a garden a feast for the eyes is the color and smells each and every flower brings, no matter its composition.

God has blessed me with two sisters, and I wouldn’t give them up for the world.  Just like a flower garden we are each very different from each other.  My sister Sarah is much like sunflower.  Bold and daring, attempting to climb to the sky, fearful of nothing.  My sister Rachel is strong and steady, holding fast to her standards and morals very much like I envision the wildflowers swaying in the grasslands.  Me?  I’d probably compare myself to a marigold, practical and useful, but not renowned for its beauty or grace!

In fact, I love the sister dynamic so much that it is a base for my first book A Place to Call Home.  Just like my characters, Grace and Phoebe, I’d be miserable without my sisters even though at times they can annoy me to no end.  My sisters impacted me so much that they are my models for my characters in my book.  So, thank you Sarah and Rachel for inspiring me to write a book about the strong and unique bond sisters share and the way that sisters can indeed impact each other’s lives for the better.

If you have an interesting sister story, I’d love to hear it!

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