• Jessica Berg

Thou Shalt Not Fear

As I write this blog, I am 32,000 feet in the air. I wish I could enjoy the white, fluffy clouds outside my window, but alas, I’m doing my best not to burst into tears of fear. This got me thinking. Thinking about fear.

Isn’t fear a funny thing? It’s universal, crosses all gender roles, races, ages, and abilities. Every human feels fear, but what each human finds fearful is different. Take my husband, for example, he loves to fly but is afraid of mice. I, on the other hand, hate flying and don’t mind mice.

Fear, if uncontrolled, has the ability to take hold of a person’s ambitions and goals and keep him/her in a perpetual status quo. Just think about it. Where would we be if our ancestors allowed fear from keeping them from coming to this country? Where would we be if we allowed ourselves to succumb to the fear of the unknown future and simply stayed in our tree house, coloring?

If I allowed my fear of flying to keep my two feet on the ground, I would have missed out on so many amazing journeys. In fact, I’d be missing one now. As I’m headed to Dallas, Texas, for the American Christian Fiction Writers’ conference, I’m looking forward to learning new writing techniques, meeting new people, and speaking with agents. Even though my fear is real, my quest for learning cannot be quenched.

I’m glad my fear is not keeping me from exploring the world and all it has to offer, but I can’t promise my stomach won’t dip to my toes the next time this plane experiences turbulence!

Please don’t let fear rule your heart. We are children, the princes and princesses of God. We have nothing to fear! So, spread your wings, let your tray table down, put your seat back (do be mindful of knees, though), and tell fear to go fly a kite!

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© 2017 by Jessica Berg